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Hi, My name is Mig.  My trail name is “Yippee”.  I am a Happy Camper Girl.  I was brought up by a Boy Scout Dad .  I was also brought up by three brothers who were also Boy Scouts.  I am married and my husband is a Boy Scout leader and my two boys are Boy Scouts, or they were after one making Eagle and one Life Scout.  I guess I was destined to be an “outside” girl.  I know when I was little you would always find me in a tree.  Seriously,  I spent a lot of time just hanging out on the top of a tree not letting anybody know where I was,  Loved it by the way.  I still like to climb trees and would love to live in one,  however it isn’t all that practical in the Northwest where I live.  So in the meantime I will just have to go Backpacking.  I started when I was very young and now I am doing the PCT in 2017.  It will be exciting.  I am searching gear,  have most of it with a base weight down to 10 pounds.  Pretty good for a girl!  Ha! Ha!  Anyway, I am an artist and I paint.  I paint in Watercolor, oil and Acrylic.  I want to be creative,  it is who I am.  No more cubicles, crunching numbers or having a briefcase,   Now it is all about gear and surviving the elements.  I will be blogging also so please follow along with me.  Thanks so much for joining.  Love Mig


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